Friday, September 2, 2011

So long sweet summer!

Okay, So I am really going to try hard and keep up with this blogging business.
Zachary and I had quite the summer! I still had to work and he had to study for boards. Which he passed!!! After that though the real fun began!
We started our vacation in Rocky Point with the Gardners. It was short and sweet, but well worth it!
Lots of tacos, and beach!

Well, once Zach got a taste of vacation he set our next destination for Las Vegas!
Now that I am finally legal and able to go :)
We did a TON of sight seeing.! Which meant lots of walking around, that you should not do in wedges. Which resulted in some lovely blisters on my feet! We also got to get some sun in at the hotels lovely pool and lots of people watching! Only negative...Put my perfume on, only for it to be overwhelmed by the lovely casino smokers.!
Zach keeping Vegas modest one statue at a time!

Lastly, for our last hurrah we decided on a fabulous trip.
We celebrated a ton of things, Zach's last summer in Dental school, summer ending, and most importantly our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!
That's right its been a whole year! :)
Hello Dominican Republic.!

We went with our friends the Martineau's. The flight there wasn't too bad, we just have some party poopers.

The weather there was fantastic! We did a ton of stuff! We relaxed and the beach and got our tan on, frolicked in the ocean, surfed, rode in buggies, and our favorite Snuba!

Here is snuba.!
We attempted surfing! Which the boys we're doing great in
I just stuck with what I was good at!
We also, went on some buggies in the mud, which took us to a fresh water cave, but we made sure and spent our last day relaxing!

We had the best time ever.!


Zach is back in school with his contact free eyes(thanks lasik)! We are on year 2 of 4. I'm still working at the Waxcenter and finally got myself back into school hopefully finishing that up in the next few years as well!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Summer Summer Summer Time!

Okay so it's official. I am not that great at this whole blogging thing, but I'm determined to at least do it once a month :).

Since my last post Zach has finished his first year of Dental School! HOORAY!

We are very much looking forward to have lots of time to ourselves this summer! So far it has been very busy for us, but is starting to become more and more relaxing :)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Welcome to the blog life.

Well we did it. Zach and I decided to start a blog! Well i'm sure I will be the only one updating it, but we are newbies at it so just bare with us...